4 Easy Steps in Turning Around The Data Tsunami Hitting You into Insights You can use immediately


Data Tsunami is here. What are the secrets in knowing what to take out, what to leave behind and how to cause actionable insights?

In this 2 weeks course, participants will inquire & learn about:

  • Science of data & how data/analytics is changing.
  • How to buy data and simplify it. How to interpret data, use and speak about data, understand numbers and transfer it into behaviors.
  • Understanding the difference between transactional data and peripheral data.
  • What are executives asking for every day and thus, what do they need from data, what are customers inquiring about and how to provide the information in an engaging way to them before they need it.
  • How to create a new culture for an organization that doesn’t have a data capture tool AND how to provide a real time data capture tools that will provide actionable data/insights.
  • Sell integrated services across the organization by connecting data, the art of storytelling in a silo company. Specifically, how to link story telling techniques, and data with the CEO, CIO, CFO or legal and make them look like a hero.
  • If some data is missing, what other ways of thinking can create a solution for the organization?

(6 day programs occurs once a week over a 6 week period)

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