5 Questions ITAC/CATA/IDC/IT World Magazine members will need to answer in 2016

Prior to the Christmas holidays, I interviewed technology executives asking them what will be your top challenges in growing your revenues in 2016.


Below are the summery of the challenges I received:

  1. How can you and your sales team build partnerships with clients in a changing environment?
  2. How can you and your sales team sell into strategic accounts with multiple stakeholders with multiple silos?
  3. How can you and your sales team increase the number and improve the quality of conversations with high value leads?
  4. How can you and your sales executives find the right alignment & communication between their executives, customers and sales teams while others cant?
  5. How can you and your sales team get insights that translates to sales? How do you leverage your existing assets (data, social media, sales methodology or better questions) to get new insights that will drive more sales opportunities for your teams?

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