Aligning digital transformation projects to the current culture of the organization


Tired & frustrated from constantly having to compete against other corporate priorities? Do you need to excite and engage your executives & colleagues on your digital transformation?

In this 2 weeks course, participants will leave with understanding and experience in how to:

  • Understand how your current organization operates so that you can speed up and have success with your digital adoption.
  • Align digital transformations with the internal culture. Specifically, how to enable culture and behavior change in existing organizations and transformation of traditional business models. Enhance existing listening skills that will have the team hear and see “patterns” within the organization, identify internal champions and create a meaningful execution strategy.
  • Address how digital natives work with older generations that need to see established processes with dependable returns.
  • Speed up go to market by combining analytics (big data) and storytelling to bring together silos. Practice arriving at simple analogies to be successful at making complex look simple.
  • Simplify complexity and remove fear so that participants can easily engage people. Gain momentum by slowing down so that people can come on board.

(2 week courses occurs once a week over a 5 week period)