How will Software defined technologies impact the CIO’s office?


At the Data Centre Dynamics conference someone made a comment that most CIOs have no clue what they will need 5 years from today. Whether that is true or not, I would like to share my thoughts about what will the future data centre looks like so that you can strategize correctly: Unlike today’s traditional […]

How will the new digital enterprise evolve you?

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At the New York Data Centre Dynamics conference, George Slessman suggested “The Internet is the largest machine humans will ever build.” I recall year 2001 when I was working at Dell Computers, The Internet allowed companies like Dell to disrupt the PC business model and provided a whole new level of customer experience to the […]

Questions I’m planning to ask executives participating in Data Centre Dynamics Conference


From your point of view, What are the advantages/disadvantages of buying colocation services? Can you give me 3 reasons that support your decision? What are the advantages/disadvantages of cooperative cloud?Can you give me 3 reasons that support your decision? What are the advantages/disadvantages of public cloud? Can you give me 3 reasons that support your decision? What […]

Why You Need Two Types of Content Strategist


Recently I was asked: “How do you define an exceptional content experience?” My response was “I don’t deal with front-end experience. I make the content sing and dance by managing it behind the scenes. A front-end strategist tells me what’s needed, and I develop the back-end strategy to support those needs.” Content strategists come in […]

The Bilingual CIO

How have CIOs gone from speaking 'IT' to speaking the language of the business?


A Synopsis of a Peer-to-Peer Roundtable Forum for Chief Information Officers.The purpose of this document is to capture and share the essence of the discussion of a specific roundtable forum in an effort to provide food for thought to further nurture the advanced technology industry in Canada. CIO White-paper

3 New Tools Successful Chief Marketing / Digital Officers Use To Help Change Behaviour


How Chief Marketing / Digital Officers Can Help Change Behaviour One of the biggest fears and frustrations facing chief marketing/digital officers is how to shift behaviours. Behaviours of their customers, behaviours of their peers and behaviours within the culture/leadership of the organization. In a roundtable at MDC Partners, I had the pleasure of facilitating a […]

Build a Data-Driven Content Strategy by Yourself, for Free, in 1 Day


Build a Data-Driven Content Strategy by Yourself, for Free, in 1 Day By Brad Tiller on  October 30th, 2015 in Content Marketing You can have a solid content strategy up and running in a day. OR, you could trade it all for what’s in this box. Content marketing isn’t the next big thing. It’s here, it’s happening now, and if […]

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