Google’s New Customer Match Feature Introduces Advanced Targeting Opportunities For Digital Marketers

Online advertising vendors are in an arms race and Google has made the latest advance with the release of their new Customer Match feature. Customer Match will allow advertisers to use email addresses to target ads across their Search, Display, YouTube, and Gmail ad networks. This feature works by allowing you to upload any number of […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Driving 10,000 Visitors a Month Through Pinterest

Social media can be a great traffic source for almost any online business. The best one for you will depend on your customers, your niche, and your marketing preferences. Pinterest is one of the biggest driver of referral traffic according to Despite the massive traffic that you or your business can get from Pinterest, most […]

5 Digital Marketing Strategies From the Pros

With the digital marketing landscape in constant flux, it’s always important to keep your eye on the pulse and figure out what would work best for marketing. I can tell you simply: what worked yesterday won’t work today. As marketers, it’s critical for us to keep innovating to ensure what we’re doing sits above the […]

How to Run a Twitter Traffic Lead Machine in an Hour a Day

 That’s how many followers I had on my @kimgarst Twitter account on August 6, 2015. In just over 90 days, from May 1st – August 6th, I added 32,254 new followers. There is nothing impressive about that though. Anybody can build a large (but crummy!) Twitter following. There are 1,001 “how-to’s” out there that can teach you to […]

Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs an Outside Perspective

Surely no one knows your customers like you do? They’re your customers after all. However, once upon a time, before they gave money for what you are selling, before they became Facebook fans and subscribed to your newsletters, they were mere strangers. Once they were part of a target customer base of millions or tens […]

The 9 essential components of a powerful digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing is a powerful thing. It is the driving force behind small, modern businesses. Best of all, it has helped bedroom entrepreneurs turn their startup ideas into million dollar companies. When you’re first starting out on the path to running a business, digital marketing is your best weapon. It’s relatively affordable (compared to traditional […]

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