Changing Perceptions: How do you take advantage of disruptive innovation in digital technologies vs. being at the affects of it?

speedupgoingtomarketviabettercontentAre you at risk of various disruptive innovations? Most organizations make 3 decisions – how to increase revenues, manage risks or decrease costs. Yet most don’t have a structure around innovation related programs.

In this 6-day program, participants will learn how to:

  • Think like a disrupter. Take advantage of upcoming disruptive innovations before the curve vs. after the curve.
  • Combine customer requirements with user data and paths to purchase to identify new opportunities to gain market share.
  • Help the organization come up with new ideas & be agile so that they team and organization are not at the impact of disruptive innovations.
  • Create excitement with various digital technologies and how to use it to solve some of the pressing business challenges facing the organization.
  • Test ideas quickly and fail fast or succeed.
  • Listen to the challenges/risks facing different divisions and figure out ways to add new & tangible value.
  • Leverage mobile technologies so that they can dramatically impact ROI of various digital technologies.

    (6 day programs occurs once a week over a 6 week period)

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