How to get instant engagement with fragmented communities, while facing limited time and budgets revealed

This 6-day program is an inquiry in how to launch your products/services in new & segmented markets (ethnic communities, millennials, Business to Business (B2B) with limited time & resources.

Participants will inquire & learn about how to:

  • Use data to find “early” champions.
  • Identify the “emotional drivers” of their target audience & identify their paths to purchase.
  • Create original and relevant content for fragmented & disloyal communities so that they can instantly impact their ability to cause engagement.
  • Build human-to-human trust.
  • Identify what will engage millennials and ethnic communities.
  • Find new brand champions that represent their voice digitally and how to engage them (online and offline).
  • Identify partnership opportunities will dramatically increase traffic and conversion rates and “what’s in it for your partner” to promote you/your content to their database.
  • Use powerful storytelling techniques to link various digital transformations to people, process and technologies.

(6 day programs occurs once a week over a 6 week period)

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