How will Software defined technologies impact the CIO’s office?

At the Data Centre Dynamics conference someone made a comment that most CIOs have no clue what they will need 5 years from today.


Whether that is true or not, I would like to share my thoughts about what will the future data centre looks like so that you can strategize correctly:

  • Unlike today’s traditional fixed data centres, the future data centre will be a veriable data centre with prescribed analytics and sensors so that its function can change in real time to better serve our changing needs.

  • Unlike yesterday where we spent time on servers and switches, cloud-based applications will take much of the ordinary day-day maintenance away.

  • It will be designed for no failure with much more capacity and space to grow and will have a much higher power density compared to today’s data centre.

  • Will be completely autonomous because:

    • the fewer the people working in the data centre, the less human errors, risks and costs.

    • We simply don’t have enough qualified people to run and manage our data centres.

    • Humans cannot run a data centre in real time but software defined solutions can (take a look at software defined networking you can see how it’s becoming automated and intelligent).

Let me know what you think?

Taimour Zaman

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