How will the new digital enterprise evolve you?


At the New York Data Centre Dynamics conference, George Slessman suggested “The Internet is the largest machine humans will ever build.”

I recall year 2001 when I was working at Dell Computers, The Internet allowed companies like Dell to disrupt the PC business model and provided a whole new level of customer experience to the consumer. Today, companies like Uber, Google, Facebook and Airbnb are using the Internet to provide the next level of consumer experience while disrupting business models around us (checkout pay as you go insurance).

Within the next 7 years, I believe you and me will have chips installed into our bodies so that we can connect to the Internet of everything. This technology is already installed in our phones (example: when you ask Siri a question) or hand wrists (example: Disney experience bands) and soon in the autonomous car that you and I will be buying.

The one thing about this innovation is that once you experience it, it causes actual transformation. And it’s biggest problem is you – the human being.

Ask any technology executive about their frustration and you will quickly see that human beings come with opinions, they are moody, experience a change of mind (oops – the corporate language is we have had a change of direction and we no longer need you), fixed points of views and anything that stops the enablement of the new digital enterprise.

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