Instantly differentiate & speed up time to market via having a better team and talent


Top talent doesn’t want to work only on your projects/company. They want to work on multiple exciting & innovative projects. If talent acquisition is your differentiator, what’s your talent acquisition strategy? How do you create a place where talent can easily come in and leave? What are the secret recipes in outsourcing/recruiting top talent that lead to successful digital transformation programs?

In this 2-day course, participants will inquire & learn about how to:

  • Hire in areas of design, technology and business skills & create training programs for missing skill sets.
  • Use various testing tools to hire for passion/values and to identify what excites individuals.
  • Compete on mission of the project vs. salary/consulting fee.
  • Create a talent acquisition strategy: How do you create an environment and processes for talent to come in and leave easily.
  • Help incoming resources quickly understand the culture, processes and industry so that they can speed up getting results on various digital transformation projects.