Executive Programs & Events Designed For Creating New Acts of Innovation

Our executive programs, tools & events help you & your organization with:

- Understanding which disruptive technologies will make the biggest impact in your business and how to take advantage of them

- Understanding how to get the return on investment (ROI) and how to engage legacy executives to adopt new disruptive technologies and business models

- Understanding how to leverage robots, artificial intelligence and prescribed analytics in order to get an unfair competitive advantage

Our clients include IBM, Microsoft, CA, Siemens, Visa, Q9 Networks and many other companies such as yours.

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The Bilingual CIO

How have CIOs gone from speaking 'IT' to speaking the language of the business?

A Synopsis of a Peer-to-Peer Roundtable Forum for Chief Information Officers.The purpose of this document is to capture and share the essence of the discussion of a specific roundtable forum in an effort to provide food for thought to further nurture the advanced technology industry in Canada. CIO White-paper

3 New Tools Successful Chief Marketing / Digital Officers Use To Help Change Behaviour

How Chief Marketing / Digital Officers Can Help Change Behaviour One of the biggest fears and frustrations facing chief marketing/digital officers is how to shift behaviours. Behaviours of their customers, behaviours of their peers and behaviours within the culture/leadership of the organization. In a roundtable at MDC Partners, I had the pleasure of facilitating a […]

Build a Data-Driven Content Strategy by Yourself, for Free, in 1 Day

Build a Data-Driven Content Strategy by Yourself, for Free, in 1 Day By Brad Tiller on  October 30th, 2015 in Content Marketing You can have a solid content strategy up and running in a day. OR, you could trade it all for what’s in this box. Content marketing isn’t the next big thing. It’s here, it’s happening now, and if […]

Digital Strategy Alignment Assessment Tool

Download the Digital Strategy Alignment Assessment Tool here Assessment Instructions  To complete the digital strategy alignment assessment, simply read the questions by topical area and indicate your summary assessment score (click to move the blue circle to your preferred score). To see the summary results click on the results tab. To set different targets edit […]

How To Grow In A Soft Economy

I’m recently noticing some “larger than usual” changes in our industry and wanted to drop you a note to give you some thoughts about what are some of the important things to focus on. Did you know it now takes less than 5 years to build a multi-billion dollar company? Take a look at Uber […]

3 New Ways Companies Are Influencing What You Think (and Buy)

BY DAVID GIANNETTO Have you ever felt concerned about how companies might use all of that personal information about you they are collecting? Here are three of the ways that today’s most progressive companies are using this information to not only influence your decision-making processes, but also increase their bottom line:  They customize discounts based upon […]

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