Executive Programs & Events Designed For Creating New Acts of Innovation

Our executive programs, tools & events help you & your organization with:

- Understanding which disruptive technologies will make the biggest impact in your business and how to take advantage of them

- Understanding how to get the return on investment (ROI) and how to engage legacy executives to adopt new disruptive technologies and business models

- Understanding how to leverage robots, artificial intelligence and prescribed analytics in order to get an unfair competitive advantage

Our clients include IBM, Microsoft, CA, Siemens, Visa, Q9 Networks and many other companies such as yours.

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Step-by-step approach in how to enable the Uber Business Model Within Your Company

Start with answering the question – are we an incumbent or the challenger? One lesson that I’ve learned through history is that incumbents don’t innovate. IBM should have owned the software industry. But they didn’t. Microsoft won that game. Microsoft should have won the search business. Bing was in place way before Google. But they didn’t. Google did. […]

Discover how to go faster & cheaper by leveraging various digital technologies

In a booked called “Exponential Organizations” and “BOLD” the authors introduce 10 disruptive technologies / models of thinking. They claim if you can implement only 4 out of their 10, you can exponentially grow your organization (at a faster rate) than your current model. What I love about these ideas is that many of them are leveraging digital […]

Why is it that some people find game changing career opportunities for themselves while other can’t?
How is it that some executives are able to consistently receive pay raises and others don’t?
Why is that some people appear to have it all while others just muddle through life?
For the past 18 years, I’ve been working with senior executives around the world with a focus on innovation and digital technologies.
One of the biggest challenges I’ve seen executives face is the ability to re-invent themselves for today’s disruptive and changing world.
I’ve put together a 3 part video series discussing what I’ve learned and giving away some of my best tools/tips.
If you are interested in discovering how to:
  • Uncover your strongly held views that hold you back from seeing bold & new life altering opportunities
  • Relook at how you manage your time and personal productivity and
  • Leverage various digital platforms to identify game changing career opportunities for yourself and for your network
Would you be willing to join my 3 part video series? If so, you can sign up for my video series here:http://bit.ly/1NHoUOC​

4 Steps to Get Executive Buy-In for B2B Content Marketing

B2B buyers are, on average, 57% of the way through the decision-making process before they speak with a salesperson, according to research by CEB. Content marketers have a huge opportunity to help guide prospects in the first half of their journey and ensure that their company is on the short list for the first conversation with […]

How to Do Backlinks in Wikipedia the Right Way

Over the years, Wikipedia has become a minefield for marketers, often causing more trouble than it’s worth. However, Wikipedia is still effective and can be used by content marketers to both assist with SEO and contribute to the mission of the world’s largest encyclopedia. Content marketers often misunderstand how backlinks work in Wikipedia. They think […]

Doing Content Marketing Right, and Wrong, at the Same Time

The results of our 2016 Content Marketing Benchmark, Budgets, and Trends for Australia caught the research team in an interesting predicament. You’ll see the usual findings this year on content marketing usage, budget, and more, but what was most peculiar was this set of results: The percentage of Australian marketers who said their organizations are effective at […]

5 Reasons Why Your Agency Needs to Consider White Label Marketing

White label marketing adds power to any business. An agency rarely has personnel with expertise in every field of marketing. Agencies have difficulties offering a full spectrum of marketing services. White label marketing services spare agencies from the pain and frustration of not being able to offer the whole range of services. The dilemma is whether […]

3 Lean PR Strategies Every Business Can Practice

Even if you’re well beyond the start-up phase, you’d have to have been tucked away in hibernation to have missed the lean business trends. Maybe you took note, or maybe you dismissed them as inapplicable. Either way, while these strategies might seem best suited for new or small companies, the truth is that companies of […]

How to Make Every Piece of Content SEO Friendly

SEO used to be the realm of experts who worked their dark arts and somehow boosted rankings. Today, there aren’t as many secrets to SEO. And those “dark arts”? They’ll get your site penalized or delisted. Even though the basics of SEO are common knowledge, some misunderstandings still exist as to how it’s all applied, […]

How to Use Location Data to Decode Customer Conversations

Marketers are constantly trying to figure out how to reach their target audiences. They are faced with challenging questions. What is the right strategy? What is the right message? What is the right communication channel? There are many different theories out there, and every campaign is unique, but one thing is certain: Social media must be […]

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