Customized Executive Education Programs

We provide turnkey customized educational seminars to help your internal and external customers leverage various advanced technologies and new business models to create instant value.

Below are sample executive educational seminars we’ve put together:

Aligning digital transformation projects to the current culture of the organization

This 2-week program is for senior managers that are frustrated with having to constantly compete with other corporate priorities and need to engage executives & colleagues on digital transformation programs. In this program, participants learn about their existing cultures, how to use data to produce new insights and use various cultural change and story telling techniques to identify their champions and move their digital transformation projects forward.


How do you take advantage of disruptive innovation in digital technologies vs. being at the affects of it?

 Are you at risk of various disruptive innovations? Most organizations make 3 decisions – how to increase revenues, manage risks or decrease costs. Yet most don’t have a structure around innovation related programs. In this program, participants learn how to think like a disrupter, use data and paths to purchase to identify new opportunities; listen to the challenges/risks facing different divisions; use various story telling skill sets to excite executives; and figure out ways to add new & tangible value.


How to get instant engagement with fragmented communities, while facing limited time and budgets revealed

This 6-day program is an inquiry in how to launch your products/services in new & segmented markets (ethnic communities, millennials, and business to business communities [B2B]) with limited time & resources. Participants will learn how to use data to find early champions, identify emotional drivers and create original content to cause engagement.

Instantly differentiate & speed up time to market via having a better team and talent

Top talent doesn’t want to work only on your projects/company. They want to work on multiple exciting & innovative projects. If talent acquisition is your differentiator, what’s your talent acquisition strategy? How do you create a place where talent can easily come in and leave? What are the secret recipes in outsourcing/recruiting top talent that lead to successful digital transformation programs?

How to turn the data tsunami hitting you into insights you can use immediately

Data Tsunami is here. What are the secrets in knowing what to take out, what to leave behind and how to cause actionable insights? In this program participants learn about science of data and how data is changing organizational behaviors. How to interpret data and connect it to what executives are asking for. How to create a culture of innovation and sell integrated services across the organization.

How to engage millennials and ethnic communities

If 10% – 20% of ideas in how to engage ethnic communities or engaging millennials’s are failing, how can organizations fill up their pipeline with 10% – 20% of new ideas? Participants learn how to leverage crowdsourcing & other idea generation techniques to add value to their existing culture and add new & tangible ideas; test ideas quickly and fail fast or succeed & create partnership models that will eliminate time and cost and how to build them.

 The Secrets in getting & demonstrating ROI on digital transformations

 Most organizations are seeking new ways to increase revenues, manage risks or decrease costs. Yet most don’t have a structure around innovation related programs. Participants learn how to create excitement with digital technologies and how to use them to solve some of the organization’s pressing business challenges, create a corporate governance structure to select strategically aligned initiatives & a reporting structure to market the success; Create a digital supply chain & start to change the culture of the organization by providing data and working in small teams & with various units.

 How to Speed Up The Ugly Middle That No One Wants to Touch?

In this 3 days program, participants learn how to manage the risks associated to service level agreements, understanding how to structure partner agreements for outsourced services, cloud, and data security breaches all together. They will also learn about consumerization & how to take advantage of this shift. Specifically how machine to machine can impact their people, processes and technologies.

Bridging Your Digital Divide Focus Groups

As part of our executive educational courses, we provide live and interactive focus groups with digital millennials and ethnic communities that allows for you and your organization to get live data from your target market. The interactive focus groups are often 1 – 2 days and help bridge the divide with different groups within an organization and allows for an executive to have a model where the customer takes part and provide input in your customer acquisition strategy.

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